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Information and Advice Pages for Senior Job Seekers

Jobs4seniors does not endorse any of these sites, though, it might comment on what they offer. Giving advice is often a difficult task. Especially, when people are under stress. Many people, under stress, only want to hear the things that enforce their existing point of view.

Consequently, we have assembled a list of sites that give advice to job seekers. Not only to seniors, but to everyone looking for a job. Although, seniors may have special needs and requirements, these are covered elswhere, such as through AARP or retirementjobs and, we do not want to repeat their information.

Use and select what you think is useful for your particular circumstances. There are also many books available through Our own Self Assessment and Self Evaluation Page should also be of help to you.

Web Site Type of Site, Language Description and Comments

Free Information
Canadian Career advice site created by the Toronto Library System, English This is more than a list of Web sites and books. Information has been organized according to the career planning and job search process and users are encouraged to develop their own 'filebox' or customized list of resources.
Excellent information and well organized; just as valid in the USA as in Canada
Career Consulting Corner
Some free Information but most products are for Purchase
A Site selling lots of products (books, video, essays, on-line links) USA, English Provides career assessments, interviewing tips, resume writing and procedures, cover letter examples, job search information,career products, articles, job bank and resume bank
Good information products for which you pay
12127 Kirkham Road
Poway, CA (San Diego County) USA 92064
Some Free Information - Otherwise Products to purchase
Not strictly Career Advice, but lots of surveys and other industry information, useful when you look for a job or employees This is leading information solutions provider since 1992, specializing in business intelligence collection technologies and methodologies.
It is made up of
NCBER - The National Center for Business & Economic Research. This division was formed in 2002 to serve the needs of business and economic development in the United States & Canada; and
USWorks - This division was formed in 1998 to serve the public workforce sector with information and applications for the purpose of job placement and employer services.
Good and useful surveys


Web Site Type of Site, Language Description and Comments
Internet Career Site (Internet Career Connection)
Free Information
Career Advice and lots of links to Job Sites; USA, English Comprehensive career guidance resource center: extensive career advice; career-related searchable databases, career guidance professionals, company profiles, recruiters and a Career Bookstore
Has some useful articles and information
Occupational Outlook Quarterly
Free Information
Government Site with Information on Labor Demand, Statistics, Job Information etc. USA, English Publication for career guidance professionals, job seekers, and students. Includes employment projections from Bureau of Labor Statistics.
You can also use the main site above and find more information there
The Peoplelink
Free Information
Recruiter but has a good Newsletter section and lots of links to Job Sites; USA, California English, This is a professional recruiter specializing in office positions in the greater Los Angeles area. The newsletter is for employers and employees with advice on jobs, careers and recruitment
The Newsletter deals with topics of general interest to jobseekers and employers

The Internet is a fast moving environment. Since we have started this site, the number of advice sites that have disappeared has reached at least 60%. Now, economic stress will take a further tole and some valuable advice will go lost. One of the downsides of the Internet is that many users want things for free, not realizing, that someone has to work on providing them.


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Web Site Type of Site, Language Description and Comments
The Riley Guide
Free Information
Career Advice and lots of links to Job Sites; USA, English One of the first Internet career guides. Sections run the gamut of career issues from self assessment through salary information
Has useful articles and information
Free Information
Career Advice and lots of links to Job Sites; USA, English Resume generator, career tools and articles to help find and get the right job. Industry research and association links. Professional writing and reference checking services offered.
A lot of good information on Careers, resume writing, how to start job searches etc!
Working Women
Free Information
Career Advice for women; USA, English, Redefines the way business is conducted by centralizing best-of-class tools, applications, knowledge, and industry connections, enabling businesswomen to succeed in their careers and business endeavors.
A comprehensive site for working women. Some of the things are just as true for working grandmothers!
Some free Information
Start your own Business Site etc. USA, English Information, ideas, resources and secrets to better your professional and personal skills or starting a business etc
Has some general workplace information, but is mainly directed towards starting your own business (with their help, naturally!).


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